Cineworld Unlimited card

October 3rd, 2012


I’ve recently purchased a subscription to the Cineworld unlimited card program. For those who don’t know what this is, it is a card which costs £14.99 a month which lets you watch as many films as you like for free…or the £14.99 a month, whichever way you look at it.

With the rising cost of the cinema experience, and the ease of streaming services such as Netflix, love film; and the obvious pirating phenomenon occurring recently, this is not just a great way to support a local cinema, but it is more cost effective for me.

I currently live just up the road from the Cineworld cinema in Stockport which is a small cinema, only about 8-10 small screens, but it has a very authentic cinema feel. It reminds me of the big luxurious theaters that cinemas started out as and it has the most leg room I’ve ever had at a cinema.

£14.99 may seem like a lot of money a month but when you consider that the price of a ticket is around £7-8, going to see 2 films a month would cause me to break even. But what about Orange Wednesdays I hear you cry?!?! Well, with a Cineworld unlimited card and an Orange Wednesday text, but you and a friend see a film for free!! Not half price, not a sub, for FREE!!

Plus Cineworld make deals with local businesses as well to help you get the most for your Money. Recently I went to another Cineworld Cinema (Didsbury) and the leaflets there told me I could get a free 6″ sub when I buy a 6″ sub from Subway, 10% off at Nandos, 20% at Frankie and Benny’s etc etc. These deals change depending on region but you can’t argue with what you get for the price.

There is also access to advanced previews of films which are exclusive to Cineworld unlimited customers.

I can’t recommend this enough, if you want to check it out here is the link. Unlimited card

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