The Bourne Legacy

October 3rd, 2012

I went to see the Bourne Legacy last week and really enjoyed it but something strange happened when my girlfriend asked me about it. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a while so when my mate Dave suggested we go to the cinema it was the first movie which sprung to mind. After arriving home the conversation of the movie went like this:

K: Did you enjoy the movie?

Me: yeah it was really good, well it was just another Bourne film really.

So I enjoyed the film, I really did, I love the whole Bourne series, I think it’s a really interesting take on the Spy genre. You have a trained killer, Jason Bourne, who, after a traumatic experience has no memory but now hates guns. It’s a about 1 man trying to take down a government full of trained killers with nothing more than his wits and muscles.

Move forward to film 4, a Jason Bourne-less film where we have our new star played by Jeremy Renner.  This guy is not afraid of guns, afraid of getting his hands dirty or taking out the people in his way, but he is still a likeable character because he’s still doing the right thing with the evil evil CIA trying to stop him.

Now the reason my initial response was, it’s just another Bourne film is because it is it had all the classic signs of a Bourne film. A character who is on the run, being hunted by the same people he used to work for, there’s fighting, guns, explosions, car chases (always need a good chase for a Bourne film) and a likeable character.

If you liked the Bourne films this is an interesting change up to the series, especially if you are board of Damon and it doesn’t disappoint.

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