Life through an iPad

April 18th, 2011

So I bought an iPad 2. It’s my new toy, I really do love it. I never bought the original one as I have a MacBook pro and an iPhone so I couldn’t really justify it to myself but when they announced the second one i couldn’t resist.

Yes I have a MacBook pro and yes it’s awesome. Great for gaming, for working, for everything really. It has it’s downsides, being a mac trying to find an msn application that works all the time is hard. Ive tried Microsofts own and a few others and each have their pros and cons.

And yes I have an iPhone as well. Great for on the go, miles more portable than the MacBook and such an open platform for developers so there’s a massive app Market.Why buy an iPad than, other than “I want one”. Well it’s puuurdy? No? Not good enough? I wanted to move more towards tablet/touchscreen based computer and even though an iPad isn’t really a tablet it is moving more towards that way of working.

My initial thoughts after having it for about a week are massively positive. The touchscreen works like a charm and the battery life is pretty darn good too. Navigation is sooo simple although on the home screen it is a tad too sensitive. The ability to download all the iPhone apps I’ve got for the iPhone both free and purchased is great but the 2x zoom button does leave something to be desired even in the updated apps. The main reason for this is probably the will of developers to charge twice for apps, one on the iPhone in what I would guess is SD (standard definition) and one for the iPad in HD (high definition) which are optimised for the resolution of the iPad. I can understand it from a developer standpoint, but from a customer standpoint I would have preferred to get a HD version of the app I paid for since I just bought a £500 iPad.

I love the directness of it. Sounds weird to say this but if you think that your inputs on a pc go from a keyboard or a mouse, onto a monitor to navigate and to input data into another place. Using a touch screen to navigate and it not being a phone, is a much more direct way to navigate web pages and even typing feels more direct even though it’d through an onscreen keyboard.There’s only two downsides to it really. 1. The cameras on it are pants, I’ve not tried FaceTime yet but the front facing camera seems better than the rear one. 2. Safari is the mobile browser.

Number one I can live with as I have an iPhone and I’m not exactly going to be using my iPad for all my picture taking needs. Number two however kinda annoys me. I bought the 32GB wifi White ipad2, so with no 3G I never thought i’d be browsing while on the go. Why they haven’t built in a switch so you can flip between mobile browsing and normal browsing is beyond me. The iPad would seem to have the necessary specs to run the desktop safari browser but they haven’t including it.

I can understand it from a 3G standpoint but this is wifi only. This wouldn’t be an issue but some sites don’t like mobile browsers or display differently which is disappointing. Also they have problems refreshing pages correctly.But these are just two small problems in an otherwise perfect world. All in all, I give an iPad 9/10.

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