Ok, so that should be the other way round especially considering my circumstances. So after my work being robbed I started working 4 nights a week, this doesn’t leave much time for seeing my friends or anything really. On top of this i’ve met a new girl and things are going really well…really well for a change so between seeing her and working i’ve basically got no time for anything. I spend most of my days playing computer games and just chilling as i’m just sooo tired.

Going back to uni in about a month so hopefully (with me reducing my hours at work) i’ll “Hopefully” have more time to see my new girlfriend, my friends and actually do some work. I have a 3rd year project to do next year (amazingly it being my 3rd year and all) which is supposed to take me all year. I’ve been meaning to start it all summer (as well as re-writing my novel amongst other things) but haven’t gotten around to it. My project is supposed to be a website based on the periodic table something interesting, something which gets kids/students etc excited about the periodic table which might be a bit difficult. With doing chemistry at A Level and creating websites it seemed to be the perfect project for me (that plus all the other projects sounded really hard and stupid!)

I’m off to Newcastle this weekend for a wedding, that should be a good laugh.  I want to go to Alton towers and cadbury world before i go back to uni, that might be a bit tough.

Started a new project, more on that at a later date. Stay tuned.

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