It’s been a long time…

June 19th, 2009

vault boy

Well, not really. But lets move on. Right, the whole not drinking thing was a success. I did 20 days in the end so that i could end when my summer was set to begin, the end of exams. I found that I could handle it no problem, it was everyone around me who hated it. Why does me not drinking affect anyone but me?

Over the 20 days I went to the pub numerous times and didn’t drink, it was actually quite amusing, my own mother accused me of drinking after getting back from the pub, said I was acting funny. Yup, she’s not seen me sober in quite a while!! I also went out for a mates birthday, again not drinking and had people offering to buy me booze. It’s not like i was too poor to afford to drink, soft drinks are generally more expensive than alcohol is. My mate who’s birthday it was, was especially unhappy I wasn’t going to drink that nigh. I mean why is it such an issue, what if i really was an alcoholic and gave up alcohol altogether, however would my friends cope?

I’ve finished Uni now and was supposed to go on holiday last week. For one reason or another this fell through and i’ve been left with 2 weeks off work and nowhere to go. Luckily my friend Cat graciously offered me a place to stay for a few days, the only drawback was that she lives in Reading. Never been to Reading…don’t really wanna go again, although they do have some nice buses.

Oh my work was robbed which has caused one of the barmaids to leave (she was held hostage while they robbed the place) which means i’m covering her shifts, so i’m working 4 nights a week. Not too bad while i’m off uni but i’ll not have these shifts when I get back there so all is good. Money while I need it, time when I need that.

I got my 360 back so i’ve been playing an assortment of games. Tried playing Star Wars the force unleashed Jedi temple downloadable content *breathe*  which is a bit cack and short and really really hard on Sith Warrior difficulty. Then onto Fable 2 which, while i enjoyed it at first, not remembering any of the controls, what I was doing or anything, quickly bored me. The I turned to Fallout 3. What an unbelievable game!!! I don’t like RPG’s, i mean really don’t; the only RPG i’ve ever played and liked was KOTOR 1 & 2.

To begin with I didn’t really like Fallout but when i got into it and got enough weapons and ammo to arm a small bunch of mercenaries planning a coup d’état I really started to enjoy it. I love doing missions/quests, finding things and exploring and with enemies which don’t respawn I can take my time and enjoy the game. I picked up the first DLC Operation: Anchorage because it’s currently at a reduced price and I was going to play it when I had completed the main game. But, while exploring an area I came across the location which activates the content. Not realising what it entailed I headed into it and completed the first 2 quests of the content. They aren’t particularly difficult, just draining. Because the game is not an FPS the combat is a little bit taxing at times especially when it comes to multiple enemies and constant enemies one after the other after the other. Don’t get me wrong, the FPS aspect of the game is pretty darn good and probly one of the reasons I actually like this RPG instead of simply pushing 1 button constantly with the word “attack” isn’t my idea of a game.

So i’ve got a bit hooked and I want to finish this DLC so I can get on with the main exploration. I’ve only gotten about 12 hours into this game and with multiple ways of exploring (achievements for being good, bad and neutral) I might get lost in this game completely.

I’m heading down to Birmingham this weekend, should be a giggle, that is all.

Strange, i’ve been playing Fallout 3 for about 10 hours straight today and I came off, went on facebook and all of a sudden felt horrible. Terrible depression overcame me and my stomach started doing somersaults, which is strange as I can’t figure out why. Probly something subconscious that i’ll figure out when I sleep but I hope I feel better tomorrow. Drinking and Transformers. Get in!!

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