The plan

May 2nd, 2009


Right, for…well a long time now, i’ve been going out and just getting drunk. No reason for it, other than the depression, just getting drunk and passing out. More recently i’ve, more and more, getting drunk and blacking out. Not collapsing just getting so drunk i black out portions of the night, most of the night usually. I drank a bottle of Jack daniels on Monday because i was depressed, i had 5 pints of Carlsberg, 5 JD and cokes and then started on the rum and irn bru last night at a friends birthday.

Thing is, i’ve known these people all my life so trying to figure out if i was an asshole (more than likely) is tough. I don’t mind making a pratt out of myself infront of strangers but friends of my family i do. So, the Plan…

…I was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off. Sorry, wrong film. I can clearly see that when i have 1 drink i have to have more, so i’m gonna do a 30 days. 30 days of no booze what so ever. This might not seem like a long period to drink for but i am somebody who drinks all the time. I work behind a bar, i go to pubs for food all the time, i’m surrounded by alcohol!!!

So 30 days of no alcohol, think i can do it?

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