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Not written one of these in a while, so thought while a had a free minute or two i’d try to pump one of these out. Currently bogged down with uni work…which reminds me that i had an essay due in 10 days…oops. Ahh well. Things are going really well in my life at the moment, got a wonderful girlfriend and things are going really well between the two of us.

For those of you who don’t know my past i’ve been really unhappy for a long time but i’m sooo happy at the minute and I expect it to go on for quite a while, hopefully. I got some pretty cool presents for xmas off her as well including some lovely dog tags and a 360 skin which is beautiful. I’m not gonna ruin it by putting it on a 360 which might rrod, so it’s going up on my wall soon.

Uni’s going well except for all the work they keep trying to make me do. Bastards. Works going well, just swapped shifts so i’m no longer working Saturday nights…after this Saturday. 3 years of no social life is enough. I’ve also just applied for one of them there proper jobs at the BBC. The job sounds really good i’m just a bit worried I might not get because I might not get the 2.1 it requires.

My gaming social life was great over xmas (while I was doing no work) and now has gone back to usual…non existent. I really wanna go to Newcastle again I just don’t have the time. After my final year project is handed in I’ll go to celebrate my birthday.

All in all, i’m happy right now, more than I have been in a very long time.

Ok, so that should be the other way round especially considering my circumstances. So after my work being robbed I started working 4 nights a week, this doesn’t leave much time for seeing my friends or anything really. On top of this i’ve met a new girl and things are going really well…really well for a change so between seeing her and working i’ve basically got no time for anything. I spend most of my days playing computer games and just chilling as i’m just sooo tired.

Going back to uni in about a month so hopefully (with me reducing my hours at work) i’ll “Hopefully” have more time to see my new girlfriend, my friends and actually do some work. I have a 3rd year project to do next year (amazingly it being my 3rd year and all) which is supposed to take me all year. I’ve been meaning to start it all summer (as well as re-writing my novel amongst other things) but haven’t gotten around to it. My project is supposed to be a website based on the periodic table something interesting, something which gets kids/students etc excited about the periodic table which might be a bit difficult. With doing chemistry at A Level and creating websites it seemed to be the perfect project for me (that plus all the other projects sounded really hard and stupid!)

I’m off to Newcastle this weekend for a wedding, that should be a good laugh.  I want to go to Alton towers and cadbury world before i go back to uni, that might be a bit tough.

Started a new project, more on that at a later date. Stay tuned.


July 13th, 2008

A month after my accident and I’m still pretty fucked. Didn’t even remember posting the entry below this one, that’s how bad I’ve become. Since my accident I have barely been able to remember anything at all. I don’t think I’ve really come to terms with everything as this has put my life really into perspective. I’ve already started to try and make amends for every bad thing I’ve done in my life. My name is Earl-esque.

So what’s new? I’ve finished my work experience now, might decide to crack on with my novel now, get that finished off for publishing. I got a letter through about Uni, I won the John Ryan prize for excellence for my first year at university. This is basically for getting the highest marks on my course. Here is a copy of my letter. I’m dead chuffed about it and it’s actually made me re-evaluate uni as I was still debating whether or not to go back due to the reasons I actually started. But I digress.

Not long til XL now, seems like it’s gonna be pretty tough this time but i’m still looking forward from the break of being Matt so I can be Zyber. Some people might think they are the same person but they’re not, Zyber is who I like, who I want to be all the time but can’t. God I sound like an emo.

Anyway, I think I’ve bored you for enough. Night!

Cause, I tell a joke or two.

Moving on, I just wanted to randomly blog some of my…errrr…random thoughts. Didn’t really know what to entitle this blog so I just thought of a random lyric. So this blog comes with a warning This post contains whining, random jibberish, mild peril and moderate nudity!

Working my way through Uni at the moment, enjoying it but I’m just wondering if there is something missing in my life. I’ve been trying to re-evaluate my decision to go to Uni to see if it was the right decision but I don’t think I can until exam time. I don’t know if is what I want or even if it was the right decision, but right now, I just have to go with it.

Strangly I’m very popular in Uni and I have no idea why. Must be my good looks….oi…stop laughing at that! The web and business side of the course i’m flying through, the Java and databases are a bit more difficult and the maths is just a pain. I’ve found that a lot of people like talking to me which is strange, people tend to just strike up entire conversations with me. Although, people tend to know more about me than I know about them. I swear this is one big joke and Jeremy Beadle is going to pop out any second.

Anyways, onto my random thoughts, here’s a nice list:

  1. Why when people are on the train (bus or tram), does everyone look in different directions? Like they will be spontaneously combust if you make eye contact with another human being. Getting the tram everyday at peek times mean that I’m often packed wall to wall with people, I find it quite amusing that people are so afraid of looking at someone else. Are we, as a society, really that insecure?
  2. What the hell is an organic apple? I only as because if we try to find a non organic apple we may have problems. While walking past a local grocers I saw a sign informing me that they were selling “organic apples”, but aren’t all apples organic? Or am I being really dense. “Here sir, have an In-organic apple, its basically a rock painted Green!”.
  3. How many trees are cut down to put up the same posters, in the same locations, every week, promoting the same club night? I ask you, do i really need to know about Medical Mondays and get a little card every week? Do I really need to know that its baby drinks night at Revolution every Thursday? Do I really need to know that it’s 99p a pint in my student union every Friday…Oh hell yes, but it’s still a waste of paper. Save trees - Eat Beaver!
  4. Why on earth did bungie create a computing game which is decided entirely on lag? I love Halo 3, it’s going to have a nice place in my heart for a good few years, but why oh why did bungie but sooo much effort into the multiplayer to have a game decided on host and lag alone…you know what I mean. The great ability with the save games is that you can go back and see the Bull Shit that is Yankee doodle host. The worst part of it all, they actually think they’re good.
  5. Why am I so modest? Because I’m just so Awesome!

Anyways, just a few other updates before I nod off. Been watching series 3 of Prison break, series 2 of Heroes and series 1 of Californication. All 3 shows are great and I recommend them.

Our man Dave is now a poor student again at southampton. Go Dave Go!

Stargate Atlantis just started on Sky One.

I’m about to start a new venture/site but more on that another time.

Join facebook against my will!

Anyways, i’m off to watch californication and heroes. Smell you later!