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Blogcast Episode 1

April 20th, 2008

Yup, I threatened to do it and I did. Yea I came up with the idea of having a free flowing sort of blog and the best way to do that was through a sort of podcast. So last night, i was quite bored and got around to playing with the idea. Recorded the first one of my little series which is just the raw, unedited version of my recording. I like it more like that, kinda like real life, just going with the flow.

There are a few things to point out which i’ll try for the next one:

  • Sort out my heavy breathing so i sound less like Darth Vader
  • Intro and outro music
  • Mini script on what i actually want to talk about as oppose to thinking it up on the spot
  • Maybe a guest :p

Ok, to be fair this is no masterpiece and i know some people are going to hate it, feedback is welcome of course but i don’t think there is much you can say about this one besides it’s shit. It’s more of a test at the end of the day. Anyways, you can listen to it here (right click and “save as” to download):

Blogcast Episode 1


icon for podpress  Blogcast episode 1 [15:43m]: Download

Steve cello taped



Right, guess it’s time to blog about my XL week, well that’s pretty much what it was. Headed down to ye old brummy on Wednesday which is a day before the set up because a mate of mine down there invited me to stay at his. Few beers etc. So headed down and my man Nero met me at the train station and we headed back to his gaff.

I actually met him for the first time at XL 3, he showed up to my hotel with a bottle of rum and 8 cans of Stella at 1.30am. The guy is a legend so I decided to repay his kindness with a bottle of Morgan Spice Rum for us to drink this time. Got to his place and met his wife and 2 sprogs (all really nice), his wifes best friend Jenny and another guy who I really cannot remember the name of…saying that I don’t remember most of the night. There were only 4 of us for most of the night and we got through 9 beers, a bottle of Vodka and the Morgan spice. No wonder I don’t remember the end of the night, I think I must have said some fucked up shit. Well Nero’s still talking to me so that’s a good sign. I didn’t go to bed til around 9am Thursday morning so when I rocked up to the NEC about 3pm I was still pretty shagged.

Met up with everyone and headed back to the hotel (twas lush) to check in and for a heavenly shower. Swear, I was sooo shagged that day, that cold shower was the best thing ever! Walked back over (yes you read that right, walked, we were that close to the NEC we could walk) and proceeded to set up. I say set up, I was really shagged and wasn’t much good. Jay kept asking me why I was soo down, I wasn’t down, just messed up. Jay turned to Chris and said “Jedey’s fucked!” Chris turns to me “You fucked mate?” and I go “Aye”. Chris came over and gave me a hug so I guess the weekend wasn’t a total loss :p

Spin, Becky, Razor and I had to make 468 lanyards and then 468 goodie bags, with loads of promotional shit into Race Driver: Grid bags. While doing this very repetitive task, something for which I was very grateful Jay suggested I do, me and Spin came up with a slogan for XL 4. XL4: don’t hate the player hate the game. Because, before even playing it, we were all sick of Race Driver: Grid, lol and the worst part is, I never got to play it. SADFACE.

We made it back to the hotel pretty late and got some kip. We woke up in time for breakfast which razor just wasn’t feeling that morning. We rocked up at the NEC to find the usual morning chaos. I met up with loads of my old friends and made some new ones. I’ll list my shout outs at the bottom. We ripped through both FFA’s for Halo 3 and COD 4 and got a good way through the GOW 4 Vs 4.

We phoned through to the Hotel during the day asking to keep the bar open as we’d be back sometime after 11. We closed around 10ish, had a quick bash on the games (I think) and headed back to the hotel for about 11.15. For the walking crew (me, Steve, Jay, Spin and razor) we walked into the hotel to find Chris and the new guy Dave arguing with the concierge. Apparently the message to keep the bar open wasn’t left and the bartender had gone home for the night. While we were faffing around dropping bags and shizzle (Stewart getting changed the cheeky cunt) to try and go somewhere to get a few beers. The concierge comes over and apologising for the inconvenience and offers to pay for taxis to and from a bar in town. FUCKING A!!!

We headed into town to the local wetherspoons, quite a nice place. We had 2 taxis, one bringing me, spin, Jay and Razor and one with Dave, Chris, Tempus and Steve. Our taxi driver did 115MPH down the motorway so we got there first and proceeded inside. We were told before getting there to take off our beanies/hats and to just straighten up a bit, lol. Me and Spin went in nee bother, Jay and razor fixed themselves up outside for a minute or two and headed in. ROFL, Razor got ID’d on the way in the door and he’s older than me! Spin generously offered to get the beers in and what a round it was. 8 beers and then he bought 8 shots of Tequila for us all as well, probably celebrating his first kid coming soon. Jay, the big girl of the group, refused the shot so spin had 2. We sat down and I proceeded to document the event and we found out that Mega pixels do not make a camera to Jay’s dismay. My camera PWN’s all. While Chris was at the bar with Dave, I gave Steve my phone and he was going through my photo’s and we came across one of the group ones and zoomed in on Chris. He looked just like Uncle Fester. Bluetooth, what an amazing invention. We sent it around to everyone’s phones and Jay and I have photoshop on our phones! Here is my attempt! After a few beers and a quick take away he headed back to the hotel via a mini bus and got to bed.

Up the next day bright and early and as usual, me and Spin are up and at breakfast first. Razor slept in to get his beauty sleep (that and not wanting breakfast) and we were soon followed by Chris and his Mrs. Apparently Boffy and Jay were already up and at the NEC, one of the alarm systems was going off and Jay rang me to find out where the zapper for it was. Of course Steve had taken it with him. Lets just say I don’t think I saw Steve til about 10am, lol. Nothing really event worthy on the Saturday, we got through the GOW finals and started on the COD 4 5 Vs 5 and the Halo 3 4 Vs 4….Except for Xg Minx showing me her ultrasound. Her and Xg Reaper are having a little baby! Ain’t that cute, an XL romance which turns into the first XL baby!

Now, I’d accidentally left my watch at my friends gaff in Brum so I left early on Saturday, headed back there and stayed at his. I met his cousin Kieran and we all just kicked back with a few beers etc and laughed at shit on youtube.

Easter Sunday I woke up and headed back to the NEC picking up a rolo egg on the way as it was Easter. Rocked up just after 10 or 11 I think and got back to work. I spent most of the day on the front desk as my IBS was crippling me as usual. I got chatting with Minx about Reaper. Apparently the burger van the NEC got was dishing out some nasty food and Luke (Reaper) had got food poisoning and was back at the hotel. Luke rocked up a bit later looking like shit. A bunch of us spent time at the front just chatting and having a laugh. Chris regaled us of a story which got him the nickname Uncle Fester Pants! Chris had got food poisoning as well, he rushed to the toilet and while sat on the toilet threw up in his pants! Becky and Simmer’s Mrs bought a couple of hotdogs from the Burger van, bit into them and found they were pink. Becky who had previously stolen these hotdogs took them back with Stomping freak as backup. Here’s a pick of Stomping freak giving Chris one. The burger vender was a bit too laid back about this for Stomping to deal with so he had a massive go and threatened to get food standards on them. Needless to say, 15 minutes later they had packed up and left!! XL 1 – 0 Burger van

Anyways, the day seemed to pass pretty quickly and there were some good matches being played with some of the top teams being penalised for breaking the rules. No one is above the law but quite a few people are above Jay :p About 10ish we kicked all the bad kids off the free play so the staff party could begin! Chris had bought a tonne of booze and ordered pizza’s for all the staff, the STO lot showed up with even more booze as well. I was PWNing Stace (Minx) at gears of war like I told her I would and then I moved onto a bit of COD 4. Then the pizza’s arrived and most of the staff went off to eat a bit and come back. I was playing and Luke popped up behind me and I realised there was a random bad kid sat next to me. I politely asked him to get off the consoles and then bitch slapped his puny white ass when he talked back to me. Note: I didn’t actually hit the kid just verbally PWN’d his ass and Luke was laughing his ass off about it.

A load of beers and some antics later, we left the NEC about 4.30am. Walked the UbiSoft chick Kas back to her hotel (as it was through a darkened wood and to see if her bar was open) and then Dave, Steve, Stewart, Jay and I went back to our hotel. Me, Dave and Steve took the easy route and Stewart and Jay decided to actually go through a forest to get there. LOL. Steve then came up with the devilishly good idea of going to wake up Razor and Spin (who I was sharing room with) and that’s exactly what we did. Jay went in and jumped on top of Spin and he has proof that they were sleeping together…I have the proof that he has proof. They left and I got some sleep. We all woke up around 10ish and headed to the NEC to pack up. The usual pissing about began and when Steve called Chris Uncle Fester…well you can see the picture at the top^^ Yup, he cello taped his face up. I got the train back with Steve and a guy called Edutech (but only for a little bit) and Steve was bouncing off the walls. I’d never known him to be this impatient.

I got home eventually, completely shot but it was worth it. Wednesday through to Monday with little to no sleep, partying and gaming, it was one of the best times of my life and something I really needed. I’ve come back and I’m actually happy for a change, I’m back to my old self. Anyways, the key moments.

Shout outs

Chris – for being Uncle Fester Pants.

Jay – for making sure I was ok for a change.

Steve – for not insulting me as much as usual.

Stace – For the entertainment.

Luke – for being a guy I can have a laugh with.

Boffy – for being himself.

Renegade – did not know this guy but turned out to be a Legend!

Dave – Legend!

Spin – for letting me crash with him and razor and always a top guy and funny as fuck. Didn’t get pissed off or anything at my stupid jokes. ROFL, GG dude.

Razor – for just being himself.

Nero – Blood!

Shadow – for being his usual self.

Melanie – for not kicking my ass when I clobbered her when she hugged me.

Simmer – My man, how can you not like Simmer?

Phrases of the weekend






All pics can be found on my facebook but if your not on facebook or have me on it click here and here.

A new direction

March 10th, 2008

Yea, here we are again. A while since I last blogged and not a lot has changed really. I mean I don’t feel like doing this is a chore or anything like that but I think I fall into the mindset, who the fuck cares? I originally bought this domain to help me but it’s been pointed out recently, who the fuck cares about me? Everyone has their own little lives, problems, surprises, joys, sorrows; what makes me special?

Simply nothing. But then again, it’s not about other people it’s about me…but less big headed than that. We do care about other people, its part of what makes us human really but people care about themselves, look out for #1, after all, who else will?

This is not a lonely diatribe about how the world hates me, nothing is fair, just die already; it’s not. It’s more a realisation about the world and I at the moment. I’m coming to the end of my first year at university and I’m questioning what I have actually achieved and why I’m still there. Tell the truth, come July/August time I think I’ll be making my decision.

Blogcasting! Blogging has become soo last season, the new (well not new just more popular) is the mini blog. Twitter, jaiku and other such mini blogs are the new pink. Facebook has seen a huge drop in traffic over the last few months and with all the shit that is on their now, it looks to be going the way of myspace, bebo etc. So I’m looking at blogcasting. A mix of Blogging and podcasting to try and decode some of the madness inside my head which doesn’t really translate to paper. I mean I love podcasting, I think if done right, it can be really fun to listen to. The only thing I really lack is a partner in crime mainly cause it’s hard to find someone who not only has the time, wants to do it, but is also is easy to talk to.

But fuck it, might give it a shot on my own so it would technically be blogcasting. Got a few weeks off to give it a shot although a might be a bit busy in that time. Got a Java assignment due in beginning of April, off to XL Easter weekend but I’m actually going down a day before to party hard with my mate Nero, St Patrick’s day is coming up as are 2 of my mates birthdays. So not only will I be skint as a Motha, pretty knackered as well me thinks. PEACE!

iPod touch

February 22nd, 2008

Ipod touchYup, I took the plunge and picked up an iPod touch. I’ve been really down lately so I thought buying something like this would cheer me up and it really does. I only picked up the 8gb version and I’m not really using it for music, i’m using it as web browsing, email browser, organiser, notes etc.

Went through all 96 (i think) pages of  web apps which are available for download/saving and found some really nice ones including ones of twitter and facebook.

I find myself just pulling it out in uni and checking random things while waiting for lecturers….or while lecturers are waffling on. I really love it. I can even access my uni’s network while in the pub…but only at a certain table.

There are a couple of downsides however. My touch tends to suffer from slowdown, it will freeze at the calendar screen (for example) for several seconds every once in a while. The keyboard, while good, would be better if i could turn the screen sideways and use a longer keyboard. I did actually think that was a feature (remember hearing it somewhere but it might be exclusive to the iPhone) but i can’t seem to get it to work so. Not sure if this is a downside but you have to use a wide area to push down on the screen to select anything. While the touch doesn’t come with a stylus, it is sometimes hard to select a certain thing on a page. I really don’t know if it would be easier to use a stylus or not but its all to do with size…as always, size matters.

Anyways, I really do like my iPod touch and highly recommend them to people. Little pricey and everyone asks why you don’t have an iPhone instead but meh, I love it.

Spending money

February 13th, 2008

I’ve been at it again, spending lots of money on things i don’t really need. I went shopping in the arndale with my mate Alera the other day and bought loads of frivolous things. A continuation of my 360 gadgets post, I picked up the Chat pad and a black battery pack.

Now, I never thought i’d actually buy a chat pad as, if i really wanted to send a message, a voice message is pretty easy. But I got to thinking, reading a text message is quicker than waiting for the audio to load and then you can’t hear the people in you’re lobby as well. So I took the plunge, picked up the chat pad (which comes with a updated version of the 360 wired headset) and it’s quite good actually. Increases the speed that I’m writing messages 10 fold and with the back light, i can use it in the dark as well. The reason I bought the black battery pack is a bit more vein. I have 1 white controller, 1 360 elite (black controller) and a halo 3 controller. The last 2 are black but only come with disposable battery packs so if I want to game in style, I have to waste 2 AA batteries. So yes, vein.

Went into (old virgin Megastores) and picked up 6 DVD’s:

So yea, I spent a bit of money the other day. Still looking at the iPod touch though. Don’t need a music player but looking at web browsing (via wifi), checking emails and general organising shit (my memory is shot lately…tis all the booze) so I was looking at the 8GB version. I know there are probably cheaper, better things for those things but meh, i’m only young once. Also need a HDTV but that’s another story.


February 5th, 2008


So, insomnia, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. lol. I’m writing this not because I’m not tired but because I don’t want to sleep. This is something I’ve had to deal with for years and it’s quite hard to explain to people why I don’t sleep.

It’s not because I’m not tired, I usually am, but I hate the idea of getting into bed doing nothing and trying to shut off my body. I usually have sooo much stuff to be doing, most of which I usually don’t do, that it seems a waste for me to get into bed and do nothing. I know sleep in a necessary part of life and I do like to sleep, I just hate the idea of going to sleep.

I have a lot of weird dreams and most are very vivid. I used to keep a dream log of all my dreams which I found very relaxing, but I’ve not really had the time to do it recently. I’ve found that the shorter time period I sleep for, the less chance of dreaming I have. I think it was MC Escher who said “I don’t do drugs, my dreams are scary enough.” and he’s right. My dreams can be terrifying at times, I have had a lot of problems with sleep walking, Nightmares and sometimes Night terrors. Even though I know my dreams can never hurt me, it doesn’t make them any less terrifying. I haven’t really had any major problems in years with these things.

One bad habit I’ve picked up is only being able to fall asleep with the TV on as I see it as more of an activity. Yes, those who know me know that its the West Wing I watch every single night. I’ve seen every episode at least twice and yet I watch them over and over again, I find it quite relaxing.

Anyways, I’ve got Juno to watch here, probly should get back to it.


January 28th, 2008

Who could refrain

That had a heart to love, and in that heart

Courage to make ’s love known?

- Shakespeare


January 25th, 2008

I don’t know. That’s kinda the problem at the moment. I don’t know. Whether it be life, women, relationships, friends, uni or even what to have for breakfast. Well the last one is usually pretty easy as I rarely eat breakfast. But the point remains. I’ve come to this stage in my life where I don’t know what I want.

I run several websites each one I like in it’s own way but sometimes I feel like I’m just treading water. Sometimes I think you just have to do the hard thing and just leave, as it’s not helping anyone. Maybe I should just go and work on other projects, ones where I can run things the way I want, where I at least know what I’m doing.

My best friend came down to Uni to see me today, there have been a few problems between her and some of my other friends so it was pretty interesting. She started flirting with one of my mates and I don’t know, maybe I was just getting jealous of it but it just started bothering me I guess. Strange thing, I don’t have feelings for her. She’s my best friend, maybe I just feel like an older brother, wanting to protect her, it’s really stupid. It’s not very fair on her as I can’t hide my distress to her. I’ve had a lot to drink today and she text me to find out if I was alright, I just text her back saying it probably wasn’t a good idea to talk to me tonight as I was upset.

After I left her today I was walking down the road and I just got upset. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the booze, but I just got upset. I’ve had a bit of a sleep, tried to sober up a bit and I seem to be ok. We’ve had a chat and we’re cool.

University. I don’t want to be there. Plain and simple. I like the people i’ve met, I like the lecturers (mostly) and I like the fact that i’m making myself a life, a successful life. So why do I not want to be there I hear you cry? Because it wasn’t my choice to be there. The only reason, the only reason I’m even there is because of my ex girlfriend. She told me she was going to break up with me if I wasn’t in Uni by the end of the year and I didn’t want to break up. So I applied, I got accepted and before I started, she broke up with me. Now I go to the same place everyday and it just reminds me of her. Even today, I was in Uni for 2 hours, spent 4 hours in the pub and I was still thinking about her. A song, a sentence heck even a type of car and I’m set off.

Saying goodbye to her was really hard. She left to work in New Zealand for 6 months. I thought with her going it would be easier, I’d think of her less, I was wrong, I still think of her the same but now she’s just far away. I went through all the pictures I’ve ever taken of her and create a CD of every picture I’d ever taken of her. I was talking to my friend Cat and she said that even she couldn’t do that for years after breaking up with someone as it would be too difficult. So for me to do it while I still have feelings for her, I think I should get a fucking medal for that.

You know what, Fuck it! I’m a nice fucking guy, I don’t think I deserve this shit anymore. I keep getting fucked around by women and I think I deserve better! Not to sound big headed or anything but yea, I’m a nice guy. I know I’m not the most attractive and I do have my flaws, but just once I’d like to catch a break. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not everyone else its just me. I mean the first girl I got with after my ex I wasn’t even attracted to. The 2nd made me really happy but again I wasn’t actually attracted to. The last one I was attracted to, we don’t really have the best personalities for each other but I was kinda hoping to see how we’d be in a relationship. She was the first one to actually make me forget about my ex even if it was just for one night. Things got a bit complicated so it didn’t really work out.

Maybe I just screw things up like that. I just can’t seem to do anything right anymore. I think I just want one night out, one night getting absolutely pissed drunk, with people I actually consider friends, with no problems, no drama, no issues. Anyone think I can actually get a night like that? Nah I didn’t think so either.

Life goes on I guess or at least that’s what they tell me.

Person of the year

December 28th, 2007

Andrew Ryan

Ok, forgetting for a minute the political correctness of the whole “person” of the year, I was reading Joystiq last night and found this amusing article. The picture above was photoshopped by someone who found the funny side to Valdamir Putin being named Time’s Person of the year.

For those who don’t know, BioShock, which i think was named game of the year by someone, had a dictator like bad guy called Andrew Ryan. I think the political correlation between Ryan and Putin is quite a funny one actually. Russia has this so called “democracy” but the only reason Putin is becoming prime minister next year is because he can’t stay in office any longer consecutively but he can run for the Presidential election after this one.

Anyway, it just made me laugh. Check out the Joystiq article here.

Yea, so this blogging malarky

December 28th, 2007

Yea, as the title says…yea. Not really been doing it as much as I want to. I have plenty of free time…and usually plenty of good stories to tell, but due to a few recent incidents with friends, I’m a bit more cautious about what I write.

Now I never thought anything about people not wanting stories of their lives posted on the internet, because I think that if there is more than one person there, most likely other people will know soon. It’s all about freedom of information and freedom of speech/expression. So if I write a story about what happened to me during the day, and it involves other people, I wouldn’t really think twice about mentioning them. I might not disclose their full names, addresses, national insurance number, but saying:

Oh so there we were, me and dave on the top of the cliff, the indians coming to kill us, I turn to dave and say “we’re gonna have to jump”

Dave turns to me and says “We can’t, I don’t know how to swim!”

I look at Dave and say “Well the fall is gonna kill us anyway so…”

Ahh Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, never seen the film but that scene is still hilarious anyway. Getting back to my point…which was??? Can’t remember. That’s it, so for the last 5-6 years my life has kinda revolved around the internet.

The internet is the single greatest invention of the last century in my mind. We get a new web page every 6 seconds, the entire worlds knowledge is, for the first time, accessible to nearly everyone on the planet. Still, we use the amazing technology to defeat King Koopa and rescue the princess (boy meets world…ahh the memories) but I don’t find anything bad about playing computer games, i just think that we, as a world, should be the best we can be, before wasting  playing games. Literacy rates in the US have dropped to an all time low while Sweden has a 100% literacy rate. How do they do that? Maybe they don’t and they just can’t count either but still.

We literally have a nexus at our fingertips with all the knowledge man has, and yet kids today squander their potential just because it’s more fun. Again, I’ve got sidetracked from my original point which was, my life is pretty much internet dependant. If you search for the right things you can see a path of websites, bio’s etc for me. It’s pretty scary really, facebook, blogs, sites etc and you can probably find a whole lot of information about me.

To recap: Internet = good

Personal info on the Internet = Bad

Mario  = Kick ass plumber

In the near future I hope to get into blogging properly and post something at least once a week. I want to expand my blogging community friends so I will be visiting more and more blogs to make new friends. That’s all folks!