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Cineworld Unlimited card

October 3rd, 2012


I’ve recently purchased a subscription to the Cineworld unlimited card program. For those who don’t know what this is, it is a card which costs £14.99 a month which lets you watch as many films as you like for free…or the £14.99 a month, whichever way you look at it.

With the rising cost of the cinema experience, and the ease of streaming services such as Netflix, love film; and the obvious pirating phenomenon occurring recently, this is not just a great way to support a local cinema, but it is more cost effective for me.

I currently live just up the road from the Cineworld cinema in Stockport which is a small cinema, only about 8-10 small screens, but it has a very authentic cinema feel. It reminds me of the big luxurious theaters that cinemas started out as and it has the most leg room I’ve ever had at a cinema.

£14.99 may seem like a lot of money a month but when you consider that the price of a ticket is around £7-8, going to see 2 films a month would cause me to break even. But what about Orange Wednesdays I hear you cry?!?! Well, with a Cineworld unlimited card and an Orange Wednesday text, but you and a friend see a film for free!! Not half price, not a sub, for FREE!!

Plus Cineworld make deals with local businesses as well to help you get the most for your Money. Recently I went to another Cineworld Cinema (Didsbury) and the leaflets there told me I could get a free 6″ sub when I buy a 6″ sub from Subway, 10% off at Nandos, 20% at Frankie and Benny’s etc etc. These deals change depending on region but you can’t argue with what you get for the price.

There is also access to advanced previews of films which are exclusive to Cineworld unlimited customers.

I can’t recommend this enough, if you want to check it out here is the link. Unlimited card

Total Recall

October 3rd, 2012

Total Recall

I went to see Total Recall last week at the cinema and came out with a smile on my face. I’m a fan of the original, Arnie being Arnie of the 90’s and being able to let loose is a great film going experience. There was a massive outcry when the film was announced, how oh how can they do this to a classic?

The film nods to the original and the story is nearly exactly the same. They have changed the exotic location of Mars for Europe and there are enough new story pieces for fans of the original to still enjoy the film. Yes there is a lady with 3 boobies and yes you see them.

Colin Farrell is good substitute for Arnie, Arnie being the big bulky action hero while Colin is more athletic type. Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale are great as the wife/girlfriend of Farrell’s character.

Die hard fans of the original will always hate this version no matter what but it does deliver everything the Arnie version of 22 years ago did, action, intrigued, 3 boobed lady and enough popcorn action to fill the cinema seats.

The Bourne Legacy

October 3rd, 2012

I went to see the Bourne Legacy last week and really enjoyed it but something strange happened when my girlfriend asked me about it. I’ve been wanting to see this film for a while so when my mate Dave suggested we go to the cinema it was the first movie which sprung to mind. After arriving home the conversation of the movie went like this:

K: Did you enjoy the movie?

Me: yeah it was really good, well it was just another Bourne film really.

So I enjoyed the film, I really did, I love the whole Bourne series, I think it’s a really interesting take on the Spy genre. You have a trained killer, Jason Bourne, who, after a traumatic experience has no memory but now hates guns. It’s a about 1 man trying to take down a government full of trained killers with nothing more than his wits and muscles.

Move forward to film 4, a Jason Bourne-less film where we have our new star played by Jeremy Renner.  This guy is not afraid of guns, afraid of getting his hands dirty or taking out the people in his way, but he is still a likeable character because he’s still doing the right thing with the evil evil CIA trying to stop him.

Now the reason my initial response was, it’s just another Bourne film is because it is it had all the classic signs of a Bourne film. A character who is on the run, being hunted by the same people he used to work for, there’s fighting, guns, explosions, car chases (always need a good chase for a Bourne film) and a likeable character.

If you liked the Bourne films this is an interesting change up to the series, especially if you are board of Damon and it doesn’t disappoint.

Life through an iPad

April 18th, 2011

So I bought an iPad 2. It’s my new toy, I really do love it. I never bought the original one as I have a MacBook pro and an iPhone so I couldn’t really justify it to myself but when they announced the second one i couldn’t resist.

Yes I have a MacBook pro and yes it’s awesome. Great for gaming, for working, for everything really. It has it’s downsides, being a mac trying to find an msn application that works all the time is hard. Ive tried Microsofts own and a few others and each have their pros and cons.

And yes I have an iPhone as well. Great for on the go, miles more portable than the MacBook and such an open platform for developers so there’s a massive app Market.Why buy an iPad than, other than “I want one”. Well it’s puuurdy? No? Not good enough? I wanted to move more towards tablet/touchscreen based computer and even though an iPad isn’t really a tablet it is moving more towards that way of working.

My initial thoughts after having it for about a week are massively positive. The touchscreen works like a charm and the battery life is pretty darn good too. Navigation is sooo simple although on the home screen it is a tad too sensitive. The ability to download all the iPhone apps I’ve got for the iPhone both free and purchased is great but the 2x zoom button does leave something to be desired even in the updated apps. The main reason for this is probably the will of developers to charge twice for apps, one on the iPhone in what I would guess is SD (standard definition) and one for the iPad in HD (high definition) which are optimised for the resolution of the iPad. I can understand it from a developer standpoint, but from a customer standpoint I would have preferred to get a HD version of the app I paid for since I just bought a £500 iPad.

I love the directness of it. Sounds weird to say this but if you think that your inputs on a pc go from a keyboard or a mouse, onto a monitor to navigate and to input data into another place. Using a touch screen to navigate and it not being a phone, is a much more direct way to navigate web pages and even typing feels more direct even though it’d through an onscreen keyboard.There’s only two downsides to it really. 1. The cameras on it are pants, I’ve not tried FaceTime yet but the front facing camera seems better than the rear one. 2. Safari is the mobile browser.

Number one I can live with as I have an iPhone and I’m not exactly going to be using my iPad for all my picture taking needs. Number two however kinda annoys me. I bought the 32GB wifi White ipad2, so with no 3G I never thought i’d be browsing while on the go. Why they haven’t built in a switch so you can flip between mobile browsing and normal browsing is beyond me. The iPad would seem to have the necessary specs to run the desktop safari browser but they haven’t including it.

I can understand it from a 3G standpoint but this is wifi only. This wouldn’t be an issue but some sites don’t like mobile browsers or display differently which is disappointing. Also they have problems refreshing pages correctly.But these are just two small problems in an otherwise perfect world. All in all, I give an iPad 9/10.

I watch a lot of movies these days, most I just put on while i’m doing work so i don’t concentrate too much on them but others I sit down and watch undistracted. So I thought while I had a few minutes i would write a review of “The invention of lying” staring Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner.

The first thing that struck me about this movie is how cheap it looks. From the sets to the on site locations, soundtrack and strangely the quality in which is it filmed. This actually leads to my second point, there are lots of stars in this film who may have eaten away at the budget. Along with Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner the film also stars Rob Lowe, with cameo appearances from Tina Fey, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton.

The basic premise is kinda the opposite of liar liar which was a great film. Ricky Gervais is a man in a world where nobody can lie, lying was never invented/discovered and everyone overtly tells the truth to the point of sheer rudeness at times. Ricky Gervais plays a down on his luck loser who just lost his job and is about to be evicted when he discovers he can lie, although he doesn’t know what it is he’s doing. This sounds like a great idea but it is let down with poor writing/acting and execution.

Now i’ve never been a fan of Ricky Gervais and I remember why now…he’s not funny….at all. We’re talking Peter Kay levels of unfunniness. He’s also a terrible actor. While others may find his mumblings cute and funny, seeing as he plays the same character in every single thing he’s in, thats not acting, that’s just being himself in all his project.

Jennifer Garner is the bright spark of this movie, while the writing overlooks a lot of her talents, he delivery is a far better with better comic timing. Also all the cameos from famous people provide great comic acting as well, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton make even the worse of writing funny. The two scenes involving the actors were the best of the film.

Product placement is rife in this movie, within 10 minutes they are already advertising Budweiser and Pizza hut is massively advertised in the film as well.

While Ricky Gervais looking like Jesus and acting like Moses was surprising it didn’t do anything to raise this film in my eyes.

To summarise, the writing was substandard, the film looked and sounded cheap, the plot was predictable and the highlights of the film can be youtubed if you really want to see them.


Not written one of these in a while, so thought while a had a free minute or two i’d try to pump one of these out. Currently bogged down with uni work…which reminds me that i had an essay due in 10 days…oops. Ahh well. Things are going really well in my life at the moment, got a wonderful girlfriend and things are going really well between the two of us.

For those of you who don’t know my past i’ve been really unhappy for a long time but i’m sooo happy at the minute and I expect it to go on for quite a while, hopefully. I got some pretty cool presents for xmas off her as well including some lovely dog tags and a 360 skin which is beautiful. I’m not gonna ruin it by putting it on a 360 which might rrod, so it’s going up on my wall soon.

Uni’s going well except for all the work they keep trying to make me do. Bastards. Works going well, just swapped shifts so i’m no longer working Saturday nights…after this Saturday. 3 years of no social life is enough. I’ve also just applied for one of them there proper jobs at the BBC. The job sounds really good i’m just a bit worried I might not get because I might not get the 2.1 it requires.

My gaming social life was great over xmas (while I was doing no work) and now has gone back to usual…non existent. I really wanna go to Newcastle again I just don’t have the time. After my final year project is handed in I’ll go to celebrate my birthday.

All in all, i’m happy right now, more than I have been in a very long time.

Ok, so that should be the other way round especially considering my circumstances. So after my work being robbed I started working 4 nights a week, this doesn’t leave much time for seeing my friends or anything really. On top of this i’ve met a new girl and things are going really well…really well for a change so between seeing her and working i’ve basically got no time for anything. I spend most of my days playing computer games and just chilling as i’m just sooo tired.

Going back to uni in about a month so hopefully (with me reducing my hours at work) i’ll “Hopefully” have more time to see my new girlfriend, my friends and actually do some work. I have a 3rd year project to do next year (amazingly it being my 3rd year and all) which is supposed to take me all year. I’ve been meaning to start it all summer (as well as re-writing my novel amongst other things) but haven’t gotten around to it. My project is supposed to be a website based on the periodic table something interesting, something which gets kids/students etc excited about the periodic table which might be a bit difficult. With doing chemistry at A Level and creating websites it seemed to be the perfect project for me (that plus all the other projects sounded really hard and stupid!)

I’m off to Newcastle this weekend for a wedding, that should be a good laugh.  I want to go to Alton towers and cadbury world before i go back to uni, that might be a bit tough.

Started a new project, more on that at a later date. Stay tuned.

It’s been a long time…

June 19th, 2009

vault boy

Well, not really. But lets move on. Right, the whole not drinking thing was a success. I did 20 days in the end so that i could end when my summer was set to begin, the end of exams. I found that I could handle it no problem, it was everyone around me who hated it. Why does me not drinking affect anyone but me?

Over the 20 days I went to the pub numerous times and didn’t drink, it was actually quite amusing, my own mother accused me of drinking after getting back from the pub, said I was acting funny. Yup, she’s not seen me sober in quite a while!! I also went out for a mates birthday, again not drinking and had people offering to buy me booze. It’s not like i was too poor to afford to drink, soft drinks are generally more expensive than alcohol is. My mate who’s birthday it was, was especially unhappy I wasn’t going to drink that nigh. I mean why is it such an issue, what if i really was an alcoholic and gave up alcohol altogether, however would my friends cope?

I’ve finished Uni now and was supposed to go on holiday last week. For one reason or another this fell through and i’ve been left with 2 weeks off work and nowhere to go. Luckily my friend Cat graciously offered me a place to stay for a few days, the only drawback was that she lives in Reading. Never been to Reading…don’t really wanna go again, although they do have some nice buses.

Oh my work was robbed which has caused one of the barmaids to leave (she was held hostage while they robbed the place) which means i’m covering her shifts, so i’m working 4 nights a week. Not too bad while i’m off uni but i’ll not have these shifts when I get back there so all is good. Money while I need it, time when I need that.

I got my 360 back so i’ve been playing an assortment of games. Tried playing Star Wars the force unleashed Jedi temple downloadable content *breathe*  which is a bit cack and short and really really hard on Sith Warrior difficulty. Then onto Fable 2 which, while i enjoyed it at first, not remembering any of the controls, what I was doing or anything, quickly bored me. The I turned to Fallout 3. What an unbelievable game!!! I don’t like RPG’s, i mean really don’t; the only RPG i’ve ever played and liked was KOTOR 1 & 2.

To begin with I didn’t really like Fallout but when i got into it and got enough weapons and ammo to arm a small bunch of mercenaries planning a coup d’état I really started to enjoy it. I love doing missions/quests, finding things and exploring and with enemies which don’t respawn I can take my time and enjoy the game. I picked up the first DLC Operation: Anchorage because it’s currently at a reduced price and I was going to play it when I had completed the main game. But, while exploring an area I came across the location which activates the content. Not realising what it entailed I headed into it and completed the first 2 quests of the content. They aren’t particularly difficult, just draining. Because the game is not an FPS the combat is a little bit taxing at times especially when it comes to multiple enemies and constant enemies one after the other after the other. Don’t get me wrong, the FPS aspect of the game is pretty darn good and probly one of the reasons I actually like this RPG instead of simply pushing 1 button constantly with the word “attack” isn’t my idea of a game.

So i’ve got a bit hooked and I want to finish this DLC so I can get on with the main exploration. I’ve only gotten about 12 hours into this game and with multiple ways of exploring (achievements for being good, bad and neutral) I might get lost in this game completely.

I’m heading down to Birmingham this weekend, should be a giggle, that is all.

Strange, i’ve been playing Fallout 3 for about 10 hours straight today and I came off, went on facebook and all of a sudden felt horrible. Terrible depression overcame me and my stomach started doing somersaults, which is strange as I can’t figure out why. Probly something subconscious that i’ll figure out when I sleep but I hope I feel better tomorrow. Drinking and Transformers. Get in!!

The plan

May 2nd, 2009


Right, for…well a long time now, i’ve been going out and just getting drunk. No reason for it, other than the depression, just getting drunk and passing out. More recently i’ve, more and more, getting drunk and blacking out. Not collapsing just getting so drunk i black out portions of the night, most of the night usually. I drank a bottle of Jack daniels on Monday because i was depressed, i had 5 pints of Carlsberg, 5 JD and cokes and then started on the rum and irn bru last night at a friends birthday.

Thing is, i’ve known these people all my life so trying to figure out if i was an asshole (more than likely) is tough. I don’t mind making a pratt out of myself infront of strangers but friends of my family i do. So, the Plan…

…I was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off. Sorry, wrong film. I can clearly see that when i have 1 drink i have to have more, so i’m gonna do a 30 days. 30 days of no booze what so ever. This might not seem like a long period to drink for but i am somebody who drinks all the time. I work behind a bar, i go to pubs for food all the time, i’m surrounded by alcohol!!!

So 30 days of no alcohol, think i can do it?

Life so far…

February 9th, 2009

Well not too much has happened to me recently, nothing note worthy anyway. I’m finding twitter and actual conversation with people is filling the gap that blogging/venting actually used to. I have my ups and downs, as many people do, but i just find that I am only complaining about the same problems over and over because nothing is changing so i just stopped, complaining. A problem shared is a problem halved but it doesn’t make a difference.

Doing loads of group assignments in Uni at the moment and I had a run in with a mate of mine about it. I got a phone call from him last Monday (when the snow was quite bad) saying that the lecturer had been snowed in and if i wanted to come into Uni we could do some group work. He’d not come in for the last 2 meetings but then again, i was the only one in for those as well; for a group of 4, it’s pretty damn shocking. So i phone up my friend who’s pregnant and let her know we are heading in to do work so she gets up and gets ready but will be a bit late. Nee bother, we can do the work while we’re waiting. I fight my way through the snow, the blizzard, i was like an artic explorer trying to get to the north pole!

I managed to get to uni just after 11 and was grateful for the rest as i’d nearly died* several time. I was greeted at the front door by my mate and some of the other students. They were in the middle of a conversation about whether the rest of our lectures were on this afternoon. When we found out they weren’t my mate proceeded to tell me he was leaving with the other students to go to the Trafford Centre.

WHAT THE FUCK???!!!??? Seriously?

I’m on the phone to my pregnant friend at the time while my mate leaves and i let her know what’s going on. I’m in complete shock as this guy is walking out. We’ve both had a go at him over the last week as it was completely out of order. I guess that’s just the way some people are though. I’ve been warned about having him in my group as he’s known to do shit like this all the time.

Moving on, Valentines day is next Saturday and I have the night off…not that I have anything to do. Someone wanted to swap and have the next day off so now i have Valentines day night (i guess) off and no girlfriend to share it with. Gonna see if some of the lads want to have a night on the pull…but with like 3 single friends (and they are single for a reason) i don’t know how successful it’s going to be.

The big thing i’ve noticed this year is that nearly everyone i know is using moonpig to send valentines day cards. Seems like it’s the new fad that’s going around. Seems like they have cracked a niche market but with the snow recently i’ve heard the post has been slightly delayed so i don’t know if everyone will be getting their cards on time.

Anyways, that’s all for now, peace out homies!!

* slipped in the snow